A New Year

A new year and a new blog. I started my first blog over two & half years ago as I transitioned out of a full-time work environment. I was looking to rediscover myself after some trying years of health issues. A little more than a year later I began my second blog as Nick and I embarked on our adoption journey to Lya. Both served well in the role they were meant to fill. However, as we find ourselves settling into life as three it no longer feels necessary to separate our adoption experience from the every day experience. So, as this new year begins I want to end those separate chapters of my life and enter into 2009 in a new way.

I have no idea what this year will hold. 2008 was a great year. It was a trying year. It was emotionally exhaustive and emotionally fulfilling. It was the year Lya joined our family.  Looking back it is amazing to see all that happened. At times I find myself rocking her to sleep thinking, “When did this happen?” It happened in the blink of an eye. At some points it was a blink that I thought might never end, and yet here we are. Each day we get to know one another better as she changes and grows. Each day it feels more natural and I find myself more and more in love as I watch our family emerge. 2008 was unforgettable. So much unknown. So much waiting. So much need for patience. And so much joy. It also contained needed stillness, quietness, creativity and inner reflection. Overall, while hard at times, it was a great year.

I am entering into 2009 with more hope than I remember from other years. It feels fresh, clean and full of possibility. I hope to grow as a mother and find the balance I need in raising my daughter and being an individual. I hope to find time each week for myself that includes time in the studio and time for reflection.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be closing out the other blogs and directing people over here. If you’ve just arrived, welcome! I will probably use a password on posts at times. If you’re interested in following along, let me know!


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