Sleep…and the lack thereof


I am tired. Last night was long. Which means today has been long. Please let tonight and tomorrow be easier…..

Here are a few things I’ve learned about sleep & parenting:

#1–Regardless of how good of a sleeper you have…you’ll still be tired.

#2–Bad nights are always followed by bad days.

#3–My body is learning how to function (albiet just barely) on less sleep.

#3–Every time I figure it out….it changes.


4 thoughts on “Sleep…and the lack thereof

  1. Yeah, you’re a mom.

    And when they first start to sleep, you wake anyway in a panic because they’re sleeping!

    And then you both start to sleep. And if you’re like us, you love it.

    And then you have a second child — and it all goes to heck in a handbasket!

    Cool, isn’t it?

  2. At some point, everyone does sleep through the night…I promise! (And then they start climbing out of their cribs…another story).

    I’m still faithfully following your blog(s), even though I’m behind on emails, updates, and so much else in life. It’s so nice to have this way to connect!

    We thought of you often on our Pittsburgh visit last week. I’m sure Lya will love being introduced to there.

  3. yup, this rings true for us other parents out there!
    glad to find you on the new site. and congratulations on all you’ve learned in the last 3 months! it’s amazing, isn’t it??

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