Snowy Day


We woke up this morning to a snowy sky. After many gray and rainy days, it was wonderful. This has been a pretty long week. I’m still not feeling well. Its been two weeks now with this cold. Today was as bad as a few of the first days. So frustrating. Lya is testing her walking skills more everyday. Its incredibly adorable. But, she has also been fighting naps which really is not quite so adorable.

I did begin a new project this week. It is the first quilt I’ve worked on since Lya has been home. I actually started cutting strips in Dec07, I think. And then I set it aside, starting and completing many other projects. My aunt has a great contact for fabric scraps and this one is solely made of those. I am getting excited to see it all come together. I am interested in how I will feel about the quilt w/ many pieces,  some of which I love and some that I don’t like at all. That is what is intriguing me at the moment–I sort of like that it isn’t all fabric I would choose. I also love that it is scraps from someone else’s sewing projects. It has been nice to have a project to escape to during naps and in the evenings. I’ll share pictures as I get further along.


2 thoughts on “Snowy Day

  1. You’re inspiring! I’m been thinking about tackling a quilt… btw, I keep forgetting to tell you, but the one hanging in your parent’s dining room is gorgeous! Nice work!

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