Weekend Snippets

We had a really nice weekend. But, wow, they always go by so so quickly. I am still fighting this nasty cold (can’t wait for a post that doesn’t include that!) and unfortunately I think Lya is fighting it now, too.


I managed to get all of my original strips sewn together–well, almost. I started this quilt by sewing several 1.5″ strips together. Now I’ll cut them apart and start assembling the quilt top. This is a double-bed sized quilt, so this is going to be very tedious. I think I’m going to like it though and will post some more pictures as I am working on it.


Saturday night I made Goi Ga (cabbage & chicken salad) for dinner. Very very tasty and easy to make. On Sunday, I through some of the salad into a springroll w/ rice noodles and fried tofu. Not the best that I’ve made, but quite good all the same. Oh, how I wish we had a Vietnamese restaurant on the mountain. However, this weekend we’re headed to Pittsburgh to visit with friends–introducing many to Lya for the first time–and definitely eating at the Vietnamese restaurants a few times.


How does she know how to hold a pencil? We are constantly amazed by our baby girl. It is so much fun to watch a little one change and grow.


Today marks a pretty big transition for our family. Nick begins classes for his graduate degree today. He’s planning to go full time, have an assistantship and work a few hours, as well. Our world just got busier. I am so excited for him though. This is something he’s wanted to do for a while and it is finally happening.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Snippets

  1. I can’t wait to see the quilt come together! I just bought a bunch of fabric while home and am really looking forward to getting going…

    Your pictures are looking gorgeous, too.

  2. Tell Nick to stop by my office (in the Old Library room 1088). Tues 10-1 is especially good timing. If he brings Lya, she and Mickey can hang for a bit!

    So many changes, but they’re all so exciting.

    Did you do any fabric shopping in Vietnam? I had a ball haggling in the big market in Hanoi.

    We’ll be at the Mellow Mushroom tomorrow.

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