11 months old


Today Lya is 11 months old. I can honestly say that month ten was a blast. So many new firsts. So many good days. I’m unsure if it is an actual physical change in Lya or if it is just my own love for her deepening, but every day she becomes more and more beautiful.

I love how sweet she is, how she wakes up slowly and loves to cuddle, how she tucks her head under my chin and snuggles in close…it is the best feeling in the world. Every day she learns something new or tries something for the first time. It is amazing to watch her change and grow. We have a favorite lullaby around here and in an attempt to make it more interesting (for those of us who sing it over and over and over) we’ve made up new verses. Nick made up this one and it is one of my favorites–it feels so true and captures the spirit of this stage.

“Go to sleep my baby, sleep now little pearl. You need your sleep my baby cause you’re a growing girl. You hear so many words and you wonder what to say…. Learning every hour and changing every day.”

By chance we had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and she is about 17 lbs now. Its amazing how much can change in just a month. We love you so much, baby girl. 
(Below are a few more pics from this past month)









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