We’re in Pittsburgh this weekend. It’s snowing right now and I’m enjoying a beautiful view of the park, watching the birds….cozy and warm in our friends’ home. This visit has been different than our other return visits b/c of our wee one. In the past we’ve been in a constant state of meet-catch up-move on and it has always felt like a whirlwind. Last night it occurred to me that we do not need to pack-to-move b/c we’re staying here until we leave to go home. It is COLD–as it has been most places these last few days–and so it has been nice to stay put, relax and visit with friends here. I know there will be people that I don’t see in this visit and given how far and few between the visits are these days, that is sad. But, I am also really loving connecting with many of our closest friends each day. So often trips back to Pgh have afforded only quick hour-long visits that leave me wishing I could meet up again with each person while we’re here. This visit though, we’ve had quiet mornings followed by friends trickling in over the afternoon and visiting through the evening. The last three days it has been mainly the same group and it just feels warm, familiar and wonderful to get so much time in this circle of friends.

We hope to get to the strip at some point–visit the Asian and Middle Eastern groceries, pick up a few key Steelers items, and in general feel a bit of the city’s pulse. It is strange that the top of our list when visiting Pittsburgh has become hitting the grocery stores (we’d also like to stop by Trader Joes).

This afternoon we’re headed to Church Brew Works–one of our favorites–for lunch and then planning to watch some key football games this afternoon. All with friends, of course. So great to be with these people again.  

I brought the camera and also the computer–but forgot the connecting cord. I’ll post some photos once we’re home again.


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh

  1. Oh, we wish we could be there watching the Steeler game with you guys now! Does Lya have her own Terrible Towel yet? Make sure you stop by Glenview Place and tell her stories of her “neighbors”. And definitely make time for Trader Joe’s. I’ve regretted not stopping there ever since we got home from our trip.

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