Weekend Update

Last night we had some friends over to celebrate our first Tet together. It also happened to be our four-month adoption anniversary. It was a small gathering and I made two simple Vietnamese dishes for our meal. We had Bo Vien (Meatball Soup) and baked spring rolls. For first attempts with both recipes, I have to say that we’ll be having them again sometime soon. They were both very good, but also very easy to make!



Before everyone left, we tried to get a picture of Lya and her boys (aka Ben-4 months older & Ray-2-months younger). It was a pretty funny and included some theatrics by Corrie. One of the things I love about this pic is that you can just see how much Ray is impressed by his Mama! The other is that you can see how much Ben and Lya love each other. They’re holding hands and Lya has her head resting on his shoulder! These two (2nd) cousins seem to get closer each time they play.

In other Lya news, this week had a lot of firsts. I think one day held four achievements alone. We’re up to about 7 words and 1 sign. She is becoming more confident with her steps, but still is not really walking. Her favorite place to play these days is in the kitchen, preferably surrounded by all of our tupperware containers. She is into EVERTHING. She also tried blueberry pancakes for the first time this week–they were a hit.





So silly. Love this girl!

I did get a bit of time to work on the quilt this weekend…but not a lot. I’ve been a bit frustrated this week that I haven’t been able to find more time, but I probably just need to get over that. Over the last week I’ve gotten all of the strips cut and have now started some sewing pieces back together. This picture shows one section. I hope to get this sewn together this week. We’ll see what happens.



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