Tuesday morning ramblings


*Waiting for the party to begin*

On Sunday we had a bunch of friends over to watch the Super Bowl. It was the first time we’ve hosted a group this size at our house (16 adults & 10 kids under 5). The guys figured out how to rig a projector up and we watch it on a big screen, larger than life. It ended up being a ton of fun, and not just because the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl! Go Stillers!!

When I was a kid, I had a trundle bed-which we currently have stored downstairs for Lya to use someday. After sleepovers, I would leave the trundle open for days, and sleep in there myself. I loved it. Well, that is about how the house feels right now. We had brought our futon up from the studio to watch the game and it is still in the living room. However, now it is fully open to the bed and is the middle of the room. Last night after Lya went to bed, Nick and I caught up on Lost and watch Chuck in 3D from a more relaxed vantage point. And then promptly slept for two hours before heading to bed. Neither of us were feeling great last night and it seemed like the ideal indulgence.

Unfortunately, I am now ready to have my house back to normal. My studio in tact, my living room functional again. Futons are a beast to move though. So awkward and annoying. I suppose I’ll just have to wait. This particular one I can’t even convert between couch and bed on my own. Its actually a nice futon though so I guess that’s the trade off.

Here a few pictures from the last week or so. Lya has been doing great lately. Sleeping well at night, a ton of fun during the day. She even started walking more when my mom was here last week. She can do it…just doesn’t seem set on perfecting it.


I am really ready for spring/summer.  I am getting really tired of my photography and can’t wait until we can be outside and I can get a bit more creative. Admittedly, we could probably be outside more than we are, but the ground is often wet when it is warm enough to want to be out. On those days we’re more likely to opt for a walk than we are a photoshoot.


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