So tonight I decided to make some lemon/honey tea (to fight yet another cold). I turned on the burner and walked away to talk with Nick. We spent the next ten minutes rehashing some of his work drama and on and off the thought flashed through my mind, “why isn’t my water boiling yet?”

And then the house was SCREAMING. The smoke detector was tripped because I accidently turned on the wrong burner charring a cast iron pan.

It took a minute or two until Nick and I figured it all out and had the alarm off. I expected to hear Lya’s startled screaming coming from upstairs as the alarm silenced. But, no. Nothing. Nothing at all. It did not wake her. Amazing.

I saw a news report sometime last year about this very thing. While I didn’t doubt the report, I just can’t fathom that anyone could sleep through that piercing of a sound suddenly filling the house. Good to know.


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