We’ve got snow!

It is beautiful outside today. A brilliant white landscape set against a deep blue sky. Amazing. I took Lya out in the snow briefly yesterday. She wasn’t sure what she thought of it all. Of course she was super layered and stuck in a snowsuit…I’m not sure that she could move. We didn’t last long at all before retreating to the warmth of the house.


On a completely unrelated note….do you use any Photoshop actions? If so, which ones? Have you used any online tutorials that were especially helpful? I’ve used Photoshop minimually for years and have been finding myself in the mood to learn a bit more lately. I figured I’d go the way of (free) online tutorials and actions. I’d love any advice you’ve got!


3 thoughts on “We’ve got snow!

  1. Check out the pioneer woman’s blog. She published a list of actions recently. (You can get to it from my blogroll, since I don’t know the address.)

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