Action Playing

I spent some time finding and trying a few Photoshop actions yesterday and this morning. I didn’t tweak much past the actions, but found a few that I liked anyway. Below are a couple that I played with….. In general, do you prefer B&W or color? Does it depend on the picture or not really? Just curious. Two of the images below I have in both color and B&W. I really like the simplicity and crispness of this particular B&W action–and yet there are details that are lost from the color photos. I’m curious which you prefer. In highschool and college when I was doing a lot of photography and darkroom work, I wasn’t very interested in color. Now, I feel like it depends on the image. The last photo is a different B&W action and thrown in just because I liked it.







Now, completely unrelated. Nick turned 30 yesterday. We met friends at the bar early evening for food, beers and some pool. It was a lot of fun and it was great how nearly everyone was able to make it on short notice. And with babies. Did I mention that we had about six kids under 3 with us? Yea, a bit strange, but not bad. In all honesty, I didn’t expect it to be as busy as it was. Thank god there is no smoking until 10pm–our little ones were all home and fast asleep long before then. I think Nick enjoyed the night out with our friends again. Happy birthday, love!


4 thoughts on “Action Playing

  1. I think it depends on the photograph. I like the second photo better in color. The first photo it’s hard to see Lya’s features, they seem to be lost in the brightness on her face. Love the last photo, what a goofball. šŸ™‚

  2. I love the 3d one

    Happy birthday, Nick šŸ˜‰
    Isn’t it fun to go to a grownup place with little ones? Smoking was banned here this past summer, so it’s great that we can grab an early beer with little man tagging along!

  3. I just love Lya . . . pictures are all the same to me : ) But if you insist . . . I think I prefer color on both of these, altho I sometimes do prefer BW.

  4. I love the B&W of her pulling up on a chair (4th down)! We think that B&W works best when we or the kids are wearing un-stylish (not ugly, just not era-identifiable) clothes and with old-ish looking or unimportant backgrounds (old fireplace, outdoors, side of a house). It helps, too, to have strong contrast between dark and light colors in clothes, backgrounds, etc.

    One of our favorite wedding photos is me with Martin’s Dad. Of course, he’s in a tux and me in an off-white dress, so that helps! But in B&W you don’t notice the ugly cigarette he’s holding, nor the hideous white bus that parked right behind us! We have the same photo in color and it isn’t nearly as nice.

    If you peek at our blog and go back to an entry called “man time” from January you’ll see my boys in their old-fashioned Irish “grandfather” shirts. I’m trying to pick my favorite for black and white.

    Kiss that clever girl from us!

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