Sunday (and a bit of Monday)

Yesterday morning we checked out a local UCC church for the second time. I had no clue how this would work with L-bean. I had these visions that she’d sit quietly on my nap–overwhelmed by the newness if not actually understanding the situation. However, there was a nursery and there was only two other babies in there–one of which was Ben–so I figured why not give a it a try. I was so not ready. It was the first time I even tried to leave her with someone she does not know. And I’m always aware of whether or not she is comfortable with someone she does know when I am out of the room. I lingered outside the door to make sure she was okay and while she wasn’t interacting much, she wasn’t crying, so I went and took a seat. At one point someone opened the sanctuary door and I heard her crying. I bolted back to the nursery and scooped up my sad baby from the attendant’s arms. Couldn’t help myself. While it was obviously an intimidating situation for Lya–she wasn’t flipping out, just shedding a few tears. I, however, just couldn’t bring myself to leave her side. Well, until Nick took over and stayed with her in the nursery instead. I think she’d be okay staying in the nursery herself after a few times of sharing the space with us…but I realize I am also going to have to get used to leaving her with someone else. Jess & I had talked about trading off mornings so that we each get a block of time each week. I had thought I’d be ready to do this after Lya turns one. (Which is this weekend.) Lya loves Jess and is comfortable with her. Maybe this is a good place to start. It is probably the most comfortable situation for both Lya and me to begin this part of the journey. Maybe it is time to start. I wonder if I’ll get anything done that first time or if I’ll just be worried about how Lya is doing once she realizes I am not there. For those of you who adopted, how long were you home before you left your baby with someone else for a while? How did it go that first time?

After church we went to lunch at a local mexican restaurant. I bet 6-8 separate Latino men came to talk to and tease Lya. They loved her and she responded wonderfully to them as well. It was the first time since Vietnam that any of us (Nick, Lya or I) have experienced that level of attention and affection from random men towards Lya. In fact, now that I think about it, it was only men who came up to her….and nearly every one who walked past her stopped to talk, often more than once. Very sweet.

Whenever Lya signs it is always dramatic. She knows the signs for more and all done…but she signs them very strongly and not exactly as we had originally showed her. No big deal, we know what she is saying. However, this weekend I saw her do both signs calmly and perfectly. So, obviously she does know how…she is just emphasizing her point. She also started saying a new word this weekend…shoe. Well, okay, not exactly, but close. She was playing with a shoe and I said, “It’s a shoe.” And she said, “Doo”. Every time I said shoe, she’d say doo. Over and over again. So cute. She also seems to be recognizing the cat’s name (Mona) and making attempts to say it. Speaking of Mona, Nick and I will often reach out our hand to Mona while holding Lya so that she can sniff it and hopefully get a bit closer. Sunday morning, I was standing with Lya in the kitchen and Mona wandered in. I knelt down and extended my hand, wiggling my fingers. And then Lya did the same. She didn’t try to move closer to her, but just patiently held out her own hand and wiggled her fingers. While she loves animals and isn’t afraid of them at all, she seems to know that Mona needs to be approached very calmly. On more than one occasion I’ve watched Lya crawl towards Mona and then stop, offering only a wave or smile. Our days are peppered with Lya-isms and we just love it!

So, it is Monday morning and as I was flipping through blogs (something I often do over coffee & before the first nap), I found that Sew Mama Sew is doing a “Fat Quarter February” in which they’re posting projects you can do with fat quarters each day. (I tend to be behind on some of the craft blogs I follow, so I am only finding this now.) There are some great projects. I can’t wait to get started on this or this! And I am sure there will be many more wonderful ideas to come. Of course, after I get to good resting spots on a few other projects. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures of some of the things I’m working on now later this week.
That’s all for now. Have a great week!


One thought on “Sunday (and a bit of Monday)

  1. I bet I know which restaurant you went to — they always make a huge fuss over Mickey! And he loves quesadillas rice and beans, so we can always feed him (cheap!) off the sides menu.

    Mickey has turned the sign for FINISHED into a huge drama, usually sweeping all the food he’s not going to eat onto the floor in the process. Very finished.

    BTW, Mickey’s a tad more shy than Mags, so starting to leave him with others was a slow, careful process. We have a babysitter Maggie already adores, and she’s on campus. That meant she could come and play with Mickey in my office while they got used to each other. He takes emotional cues from Maggie all the time (he sobbed his heart our last night when she bumped her chin), so when Maggie loves the sitter, so does he. When Maggie cheerfully waves us out the door, so does he.

    You’re not in any rush; enjoy every minutes of “I love mama only” Like too much else, it flies! We’re well into “I love mama best,” which is certainly easier on me. But part of me does miss the more dependent baby, even though I’m insanely proud of Mr Independent Toddler!

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