Happy Birthday, Valentine!


Lya turned one today! What a day. In addition to spending time with her Opa, Gammy & Uncle Jon, she got many new toys to play with and books to read and tried cake for the first time. It was a hit and she was happy to eat the icing for a while before turning to the pesto pizza. (Thanks, Mary, for introducing this to us! It has become a homemade favorite around here lately.) She’s so sweet and such a big girl. Here is a random assortment of what she is up to.

~This week she has really taken off walking. She is definitely choosing to walk instead of crawl most of the time now.

~She’s up to ten words (Mama, Dada, Hi, Bye, Up, Baba (bottle), Doo (shoe), yea, uh-oh, ohhh (in amazement)) and two signs (more & all done), as well as shakes her head no.

~She’s really into giving kisses, as well. She first smacks her lips to let you know she is wanting to give a kiss, and then offers an open mouth kiss, with a bit of tongue if you’re lucky. She also is giving her dolls and stuff animals kisses often. Today she unwrapped a few new stuffed animals and each one was greeted with a kiss. She also received a doll stroller and she loves to push it around. When she hits a wall (she’s not very good at getting turned around yet) she will go to the front, offer her baby a kiss and a pat on the head. It is just the sweetest thing.

~She also LOVES to share. If she likes you she’ll share her toys with you….for me she likes to share her food…I am offered almost half of every bite and anything else she enjoys chewing on. At times she’ll get really frustrated if I won’t eat from her hand.

~One of my favorite memories from this month was having her wake up one morning, have a bottle in our bed and then sit up and say “up up up” while signing “all done.”

~She weighs 18.3lbs (we’ll learn more Monday at her one year check up)

~This week she also started clicking her tongue. On more than one occassion, I’ve rocked her nearly completely to sleep only to have her suddenly open her eyes, pull out her binky and click her tongue.

We are so blessed to have Lya as our daughter. She brings so much joy and laughter into our lives. I look forward to watching her personality develop over the coming year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lya! We loved celebrating your first birthday with you today!




5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Valentine!

  1. She is so beautiful! I love the story about her banging into a wall and giving her doll a kiss and a pat on the head–too cute!

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