For Little Feet

I finally made something again. Granted, I have been working in the studio some, but the project I’ve been working on is still a long way from being finished. Yesterday, I managed to actually start and finish something.

A few weeks ago I finally ordered a pair of Patag0nia slippers for L-bean that I had been eyeing up. My nephew, Jacob, had a pair at Christmas and I loved them. They are super cute and warm. Anyway, I found a pair on sale and decided to get them. I had some difficulty determining the size when ordering and unfortunately chose mediums which are actually 18mth-3T. They are HUGE. I contemplated sending them back and ordering smalls, but until I did that I might as well have bought them at full price (twice). So, I decided instead to hold onto them for next year (and several years after that…) and use them as a template for making a smaller size. Yesterday was my first go and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

Original slippers:


The ones I made:


There are a few things I’ll change when I make them again. And I couldn’t help but notice how cheap the fleece that I used is–after only a few hours of wear its already nubby.

And one more shot of L-bean saying goodbye to Daddy as he heads to school. (Oh, yea, and she’s also wearing the slippers!)



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