Attempt #2


I made my second pair of slippers today. Instead of fleece I used a heavy material and backed it with flannel which makes the insides nice and cozy. Last summer after we got our referral, I made my first pair of soft/crib shoes and sort of became obsessed. I have several attempts on a few different styles floating around…some which have been worn, others which never will be worn. I visually deconstruct something I like and then building it back using my own materials. And then I do it again and again until I am happy with them. And then I continue doing them because why stop…nothing wrong with more shoes. 🙂 All that to say, I’ll probably make another pair of slippers before too long.


3 thoughts on “Attempt #2

  1. oh that sounds familiar (visual deconstruction).
    everything i see that i dig, i sit and figure out how to make it myself. 😀
    love the slippers!

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