Recently, I have really been enjoying reading about other people’s creative process. Two blogs in particular are catching my interest. One in Fabric. One in Photography.

SewMamaSew! has had a great February, posting a fat quarter project every day. I have starred over half of the posts/project to revisit some other time. But what I’ve really enjoyed is their Stash Interviews. So far there have been six and each one inspires me to run down to the studio and start sorting and organizing my own fabric stash. So much so that I’ve convinced Nick to build me a new shelf to store my scraps this weekend. I am one to love organization anyway, so of course I enjoy reading about how others organize and store their fabric.

Every Friday on, they publish a Fix-It Friday post. They post the original shot and then invite other photographers to edit the picture to their liking and then they post them all together with links to each person’s blog where they’ve written step by step how they achieved the look. I’ll admit that I’ve done very little with any of these yet. BUT, I find myself excited to see what people have done when I see the post each week. It definitely makes me want to learn a few more Photoshop techniques and find a few more tutorials.

So, where do you find inspiration?


2 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. There’s a seriously fun blog called A Year of Crockpotting. Love it. Playing with My Food has some fabulous Vietnamese recipes, and Cooking for Engineers is just brilliant. My favorite cookbook author has a site called Viet World Kitchen, with a blog.

    Um, I should have mentioned — I like food. Ok, I love food. I like shopping for food, growing food, reading about the history of taste, learning about ingredients, cooking, oh yes, and eating!

  2. I love sewmamasew!
    I’m definitely inspired by purlbee and vegan yumyum.

    Take some pics of your new shelf with stash!

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