Fabric Stash

The last few days have been spent sorting and organizing my fabric stash. I have two large drawers in my sewing corner that were STUFFED FULL and it feels so good to have gone through it all and finally know what I have again. Nick built me a new shelf to house my smaller scraps (1/2 yard and smaller) and so as soon as it was done, I began pulling everything out, ironing it, folding it nicely and moving it into its hew home. So…here are the pictures.

scrapshelfNew Scrap Shelf

studiomar09My Sewing Corner

Needless to say, all of that ironing gave me plenty of time to consider what I’ll do with all of this fabric. I have several quilts already in process, so I’m going to try hard to finish those up before beginning anymore…but then again I’ve started and finished several since originally beginning these, so we’ll see. I do have two drawers full of scraps that were too small to bother putting on the shelf (its so hard to toss fabric that I love, regardless of its size!) and I may just start with some of those in a crazy quilt sometime. BUT, at the very least I need to finish the top that is 1/3 of the way sewn together. Apparently thinking time = planning time and it seems that a lot of what I do in the studio offers quite a bit of thinking time while I’m working.  What this usually means is that before I’ve finished the project I’m working on, I’ve already gotten myself excited and motivated for the next one. Just following the energy I suppose.

(wow. that turned into quite the ramble)


4 thoughts on “Fabric Stash

  1. WOW! Nick (and you) did an awesome job!! I love your space.

    I do the same- Have 2 quilt tops going and already dreaming of the third…

    maybe we could motivate each other to finish???

  2. Wow, I am so jealous of your sewing corner… we are finally talking about my corner and I am dreaming of all the things I want/need… Right now ALL of my stuff is in a tote together… and then the cat gets in it and pulls out the thread and basically makes a spider web of thread throughout the room and it makes me SO ANGRY!!!
    I need some drawers and shelves…

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