Picture takin’. Picture sortin’.

This last week has been a very annoying photography week for me. First of all…the lens that came with my Canon Rebel is not wanting to auto focus and so it works only 1/2 of the time when set to auto focus. It took me a while to figure out that this is why the lens was so inconsistent. My portrait lens works fine. And while I love it, it is fairly limiting when its your only lens.

So then on Friday my camera and iphoto suddenly refused to talk to one another anymore. So I ended up deleting an entire card of pics b/c we were headed to the parkway and I wanted to use my camera. Finally this morning I tried something new and it turns out that Picasa and my camera are fast friends and that’s great. However, I haven’t used Picasa before so I’ve got a bit to learn before this all makes sense to me. I may end up liking it better…but for now I’m trying to figure out what my plan is.

We have a desktop and a laptop and the number of pictures I was downloading was too heavy a load for the laptop, but that’s what I’ve been primarily using for the last year. I may have to make a switch to using the desktop for all photo work. (We do have a hard drive and I have been backing up every few months.)

So, here are my questions. First of all, what camera are you using? Secondly, what photo sorting programs are you using and what is your organizing system?

(and don’t you love how a post with the word “picture” in the title twice doesn’t actually have any pictures? I’ll post more pictures soon…)


4 thoughts on “Picture takin’. Picture sortin’.

  1. I’ve been in the same boat the last week. I’ve settled into using Bridge and Photoshop Elements 6 for my photo editing, sorting and filing after using iView for many, many years. The only thing that has me frustrated is I can’t get the right settings for my iMac to send email from Bridge. I can do it with Picasa using gmail. But I can’t get any mail to work with Bridge and Elements. anyone have help for me? thanks.
    p.s. the reason Picasa doesn’t work for me is the batch naming which is limited for my filing system. Remember neg strips and sleeves?

  2. My picture organization is a mess at the moment. My Canon point-and-shoot links into iPhoto. My Nikon D60 into the Nikon software. I use Photoshop for editing. And I’m at the point where I need to organize and burn DVDs of some of these photos since I need some space back. I’m sure my photo quantity is about to go way up! Sigh.

  3. No pictures of baby girl???? đŸ˜‰

    I shoot with a Nikon D40 and store/edit everything with iphoto (which I just upgraded to the newer version). I keep everything sorted by albums. I used to only use flickr, which I still do but much less lately.

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