13 months


Has it already been a full month? Wow–the time just keeps ticking by and our little girl keeps getting bigger and bigger. Over the last week I’ve been looking back through pictures as I work to sort out a new storage system for my photos. Multiple times I have been blown away looking at pictures of Lya and seeing how much she has changed in both body and spirit since first coming home. I look back and see pictures of chubby arms and legs; a full baby face. I also see the fear and hesitation in her eyes and pursed lips holding it all in. Her body held so much stillness and she was so reserved. I hardly recognize her at all in the pictures. Was that really my baby, just a few months ago? The changes have been remarkable. The adjustment to one another much easier than I anticipated. There have been challenges, but they have all been manageable and it is so clear how much we all love one another now…..especially when I look back at pictures from when we were still strangers to one another. I’m sure that in another six months I’ll likely feel the same as I look back at this point in time. On to an update….

Lya continues to show us new things almost daily. One of my favorites this month was seeing her somehow learn to say “E-I-E-I-E” when looking at her Old McDonald book. The amazing part is we have hardly ever read this particular book to her b/c neither of us really like how it is done. But, I guess that from the few times we’ve read it, she’s loved it and remembered how it goes. The first time it happened she was sitting on the floor and she would say “E-I-E-I” as she flipped through the pages. We both looked at one another and said almost simultaneously “Do you read that book to her?” We were shocked. A more recent evening we watched as she flipped through and added her song to her favorite phrase. As she’d turn the page she’d say “Dat! E-I-E-I-E”….page after page. We just laughed.

Some of the other highlights from this month include:

~pointing and saying “dat!” (and sometimes “dit!”)

~signing “eat”

~saying “mor, mor, mor” while signing “More”

~saying “bah” for ball

~mastering the climb down from the couch

~learning to stand from a sitting position w/out pulling up on something

~New teeth: her top two 1yr molars have cut through

~she blows kisses by placing her hand on my mouth and then blows. Her little mouth makes a perfect O the size of a cheerio as she blows–sometimes it is accompanied by a little whistle

~She has started to carry around her stuffed animals, giving them hugs and kisses randomly. She also likes carrying other large and awkward things on her walking journeys.

~She started walking right before her first birthday…but has really picked up speed and balance this month.

Sometimes I just started laughing I am so in love. It brings me so much joy to watch her play, learn something new or goof off with Nick. It is so beautiful to see her happiness and watch this amazing little girl grow up. I am just so tickled to be her mama!






2 thoughts on “13 months

  1. She is just SO beautiful! Those eyes, those cheeks, those lips! Stunning. Love reading about all the new things she is doing and saying. It’s always so surprising what they pick up on that we have no idea they were even paying attention to.

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