Some random thoughts from my inner world:

I am so tired of working out the kinks of two computers, a new filing/sorting/editing system & the fact that what I do in photoshop uploads a bit flat into wordpress. But, because I care, I’ll keep working through it.

I see sprouting green and blooms everywhere. And I love it. Today is mid-60s, bright and beautiful. It does so much for my soul. After a set of cold and rainy/dreary days, I need this.

We went to the playhouse today (local kids hands-on place) for the first time. It was fun but my favorite part was when Lya looked down from a loft and blew me 3-4 kisses in a row. She didn’t know she’d be able to see me once she got up there and was so happy she just started blowing kisses. It was so sweet b/c while we’ve worked on it, it was the first time that she really got it.  I love this girl so much.

I keep forgetting to water my plants.

I have been so tired lately. I’m blaming the cold and rain.

A toddler clutters a house QUICKLY. Walking while carrying things is super cute, but it leaves many pieces in many places. It makes me want to have fewer pieces to place.

I cannot wait to spend 6 weeks at the bay this summer…and I think this randomly at least 10 times a day.

I probably should have started some garden seeds by now….

I haven optimistically decided to reserve judgment until I’ve actually finished the quilt top I’m currently working on. (I’ll post some pics soon.)

I am sick of my living space at the moment. I am ready for spring/summer in a serious way and cannot wait to tackle a few of our house projects. Right now everything is just feeling dumpy.

I love coming downstairs in the morning to a clean kitchen and fresh coffee. Nick is GREAT about that.

and a few random pics from the last few days…






Nick is back at school this week. I loved our week with him home and even though he had a decent amount going on, we still got to spend part of every day with him. However, with his course load and the autonomous home project he’s managing, we won’t see him much outside of weekends until May.


3 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. If you are looking for play dates and/or fresh air, give us a shout! Tuesdays we often go to the Humane Society and walk dogs along the Greenway. Or, we’ll meet you at the Greenway or Tot Lot some weekday afternoon for fun!

  2. Oh dear- I can totally relate to feeling like living space is getting crowded in the winter. I just went through and de-cluttered a few shelves while Minh was napping the other day because I felt like I had to. Make sense???

    Loving the pics of Lya. Especially with her daddy 🙂

    I have an email to you- still working on it.

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