Scrap Strip Quilt


I finally finished sewing together the first 1/2 of my quilt top. One more half to go! This is hanging from the beams in our living room and its a bit hard to gauge the size from this picture. Just think big. As in Queen-sized bed big. Nick, being Nick, insisted that we first guess and then calculate the number of individual pieces in this half. While we both overguessed (my own being closer to the number in the entire top) the total number still feels pretty impressive at 1878.

Even though it is “busy” and I tend to not want anymore visual clutter in my life…I still think I may appreciate this quilt in the end. I certainly like it more as I step back and look at it from across the room. I think it would be especially beautiful in a simple, white room in a sunshine-filled, old farmhouse.
I hope to put the other half together in the next week or two. I’ll post pictures of the whole top before starting in on the batting, back, quilting & binding. (Which honestly sounds a bit daunting at the moment.)


7 thoughts on “Scrap Strip Quilt

  1. Oh. My. Goodness!!!

    It’s gorgeous. Is it for you? If so, you’ll have to repaint the whole bedroom white if it’s not already because you are right- that would be perfect.

    You’ve inspired me to plow on with the quilting…

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