Iheartfaces: Constructive Feedback Friday

Wow. What a perfectly timed day on iheartfaces! I took this shot yesterday and was really happy with it until I downloaded it and tried to work with the color. I really struggled to make the clothing look true to the (blue) coloring or balance the skin tones of mama and baby. Overall the picture has felt too cool, and all of my edits end up feeling too warm. I would love some advice!

Unfortunately, I took the pic and made the edits all yesterday before I knew I was going to submit it for advice. So, I can’t even tell you what I did on each of the edits or speak much to the settings when I took the picture. I can say it was shot on manual with a Canon 50D w/a 17-85mm f/4-5.6 lens, ISO 160 (I think), and  I edited in Photoshop CS2.

If anyone has links to tutorials for adjusting skin tone (or anything else you think may be helpful), please let me know!



Edit 1:


Edit 2:




5 thoughts on “Iheartfaces: Constructive Feedback Friday

  1. what a beautiful, sweet picture! i love the composition and the soft focus. i think it is a little washed out. i tried editing it in cs3 and think it turned out nicely. i adjusted the brightness/contrast to make it less bright, then i used the quick selection tool to select the boy. i adjusted the saturation to give him a little more color. then i selected just his eyes and used the unsharp mask to make them pop a little. finally i used the clone stamp to make the background in the top left corner one color. if you want i can post the before and after on my blog so you can see what i did.

  2. okay, I know there is a rule about not saying oh “omg cute!” these photos are, but seriously- that’s one cute kid there, and such a sweet moment! I really love the crop.

    Disclaimer right here, I’m no where near pro, so anything I say could in fact make your photo worse. =P

    my take

    in my editor (paintshop pro) I fiddled with the histogram ever so slightly. (Because I’m new to this I have no idea how else to explain it, the program comes with a simpleton histogram adjuster.) It put a bit more shadow in the hair which in turn made the very pale skin not seem so washed out. It also darkened up the eyes and lips a tad.


  3. This is a really precious moment your captured. I feel that it could be improved by trying to correct the overexposure. The baby’s face seems a bit washed out compared to mom’s. I usually fix it by pulling it into the RAW editor. For some reason, the tip of mom’s nose seems whiter than the rest of her skin. I’d probably use the healing brush or patch tool to adjust that color. Beyond that, I think this picture is just beautiful, natural and very candid.

  4. I agree with the other advice you’ve already been given. The overexposure on the child’s face seems to be the main problem you should address. It will make this poignant moment you captured even more beautiful to look at!

    co-founder of I ♥ Faces

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