I love how his little lips mimic the shape of the birds on his adorable little onsie.


It was so wonderful to have a weekend with my friend Brooke and her baby. I had met him once previously and he has grown so much. Suffice to say, I took a few pictures. I’ll probably play with them over the next days and hope to post a few more soon. It was lovely having them here…and yet my mommy-brain was in full force AND clouded by a cold. It flew by and when she left I thought, “what happened? where did the days go? did we get to talk?” So it goes it seems. Hopefully someday again visits with friends don’t feel so multi-tasked. I’m just so grateful that in the midst of her crazy spring she made time to come spend a little with us.

I have been horrible at getting the posts in my head (or camera) onto the computer. I’m hoping to get a few things down in the next couple of days. I finished my quilt top, I’ve been working on a stained glass piece, I downloaded a month of candids from my point and shoot camera…..someday soon I’ll get around to sharing them all.


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