Random from the Point & Shoot Cam


*photo by Nick from this past weekend*



These last two are from this past weekend as well. We lucked out and had awesome weather two of the three days Brooke & Layton were in town. I’ve recently started carrying a point & shoot cam in the diaper bag or on walks…cause you just never know when you’ll want to take a picture and its not always easy to carry around the dSLR. The next several were taken sometime over the last month…

njelNick’s sister, Erin, visited for a few days at the end of March. It was great to have her here and it was great for Nick to get some good sibling time as well. Nick’s brother Jon lives here  and so we all met up a few times during her visit. Including a night of playing cards much later than I’m known to be up and functioning these days.


Last time it snowed, we just stayed in. But Lya was more interested in going out. She brought me a hat, scarf and gloves (mine), so we put them all on and I took a picture. But we still didn’t go out. Yea, I know, bad mom.


This was taken after Lya’s last round of shots. She just looked like such a big girl to me sitting up in the chair, tears on her face, eating her snack. When I realized I had forgotten a binky & bottle, I was happy to see that I had snacks along which she’d prefer anyway. They cleared up the sadness immediately.

That’s all for this round. I imagine I’ll have a post like this  every month or so. Its just a good way to remember the little moments from the last month. Speaking of little moments, I decided to type out 14month vocab list this morning and she has about twenty five words that she uses (some only understood by us).  Lately there have been so many I haven’t done a very good job of keeping track. It seems she’s trying out new words and sounds every day.


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