Wee & me


Yesterday was a big day for us. Lya stayed with someone other than me or Nick for the first time. It was great. I was able to run errands in the old way–quick-in/quick-out–and Lya had fun playing with Jess & Ben in the meantime. She did great. I didn’t worry. All was well! This past week marked 7months since Lya came home and it finally felt like the right time to take this leap. In the end it felt more like a graceful step.

Oh–and in case your concerned….although my hair in the picture above may represent how I sometimes feel at the end of a long day, it isn’t how I often look. Well, okay, maybe sometimes. But as in the case above, Lya loves to pull my hair out all over the place when she’s up on my shoulders–all apart of the fun, I suppose.


5 thoughts on “Wee & me

  1. You did too worry! Maggie is 6 and Mickey’s in daycare three days a week — and I STILL worry every time they are with anyone but me! For the record, that includes Martin. Hmm, and to be entirely honest, I worry when they’re with me, too.

    Of course, I’m still relived with I have two hands free for a few minutes just to get some “stuff” done. And then I feel guilty for feeling relieved… I kind of thought with #2 these things would lessen, but no. I guess it’s just the guilt-ridden frustrating amazing wonder of being a mom.

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