Merle Fest

This past weekend my parents came for their annual visit. For the last three years, they’ve been here the same weekend and we’ve always hoped to include a day at Merle Fest but for some reason or another never had until this year. One might think that I’d take pictures of the  musicians or the crowd or  something that  represented the  music fest–but no, just pictures of our little darling. Lya had a great time with her Grandparents. She loved the attention and definitely showed an excitement in their being here.  While we are still unsure of what names she’ll ultimately call them, we’ve for now shortened “Grandma and Grandpa” to “Nana and Papa” which is just easier for her little  mouth to say these days. (And both of which she used more than once this weekend!)


It was H.O.T. and so we not only enjoyed the shade of trees and tents, but pulled out an umbrella a time or two and enjoyed eating some ice (above), ice cream, water (drank lots), and lots of yummy food (fried green beans!).


We listened to some great music. Can’t even remember who all we heard. It was so much fun to watch Lya soak in the scene. The first thing she said when we heard music was “D D D” which means Dance!


Her new favorite blanket 🙂



She played hard and the next day she took LONG naps catching back up on the energy spent and sleep lost. Such a sweetie. 🙂


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