Ah, May.


As of this weekend Lya has spent half of her life with us. It has been so wonderful to watch our relationship blossom and also to see her own level of security grow over this time. She is such a perfect fit to our lives and family. She brings so much laughter and joy to us. I know all parents think so, but she is just amazing.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days. We all slept into 8am (unheard of lately!). We then packed up and headed to the local farmer’s market. It was the first one of the year and it was great to walk around, talk with friends and venders, and watch Lya take it all in. Afterwards we came home and Lya ate a nice big lunch and then went down for a nice long nap. Nick worked in the garage, I worked in the studio and shortly after Lya woke up, Nick’s brother Jon stopped by for the afternoon/evening. Lya loves her Uncle Jon. I think he may be the first person other than Nick or I to really see Lya let loose with the silliness. He had her laughing so hard she’d just collapse on his lap in giggles. So much fun. After another big meal, Lya went to sleep quickly and peacefully. Ah, lovely. Seriously, a day of good sleeping and eating and lots of fun between? Just about perfection.


2 thoughts on “Ah, May.

  1. And you ran into some great people at the farmer’s market, who were starting off their own dreamy day 😉

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