Another step taken…


This morning the three of us went to the courthouse and filed our re-adoption paperwork in our home state. I can’t believe it took us this long to make it happen but a few corrected paperwork errors, ever-changing and conflicting schedules and several months later, it is all filed. It is not something that is required in our state…but it is something we needed to in order to change her name, have a US birth certificate issued or ever consider moving to another state (that may have different laws about readopting in-state). It feels great to have this step completed. It took me 3 hours to make two sets of copies of all of the official adoption paperwork last night. (Which I’m glad that I didn’t put off until before our appointment this morning.)

As we sat in the appointment this morning I watched how Lya took in the new settings and people. It is amazing how different her disposition is these days around new folks. Yesterday we got our car inspected and while we were waiting she was hamming it up with the other guy who was waiting. This morning was no different. She was smiling and talking and in general just at ease. For so many months a wall went up whenever new people were around. Our chattering, smiling, giggly little girl dropped a curtain in public and shared none of her precious personality with others. However, it is starting to look like this shy mama may just have a not-so-shy baby afterall. It is so great to see her become more confident and obviously trust the world around her a bit more each day.


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