Lovely Weekend

Such a full and lovely weekend. Friday night was Nick and my first date night since Lya joined our world 7.5 months ago. It was wonderful to go out and celebrate the long list of things we had put off celebrating. We were both exhausted and just enjoyed the stillness of eating out alone. Admittedly, there was some more worrying this time when we left Lya. I completely trusted Jess and Lya’s ability to find comfort in Jess–but it is still so hard to leave a sad and crying baby. I only called or talked to Jess a total of four times though. 🙂 She was kind enough to call and let us know that all was well, our baby was calmly sleeping and not to rush away from our last glasses of wine or dessert.

Saturday was a beautiful day and like last week, we began at the farmer’s market. I can’t tell you how excited I am come Saturday morning now that the market is open. It was great getting that first cup of coffee, visiting with friends, buying vegetable plants and basking in the sun. My friend, Rachel, was in town this weekend for her husband’s graduation and so we met up there as well. She’s about six months pregnant and this was the first I had seen her. She looks fabulous and it was a lot of fun catching up. After the market we hung out at the park and then grabbed some lunch together before heading home. That evening, we met up again at her shower and I got to celebrate her and her little one. Nick and Lya joined us after the shower for a graduation pot-luck. It was so nice to have a few hours meeting new people and visiting with old friends.

Sunday was my first mother’s day. I didn’t know what to expect. And to be honest didn’t expect much since Nick has been incedibly busy. However, it was a perfect day. After breakfast the three of us visited a neighboring town and walked around the lake and played in the park. We picnicked for lunch and did a little shopping. It was the first fully-sunny day in nearly two weeks and really that was an incredible gift in itself. In the afternoon I was able to take a long nap, start a new book and move at my own leisure. In the evening we joined our neighbors for dinner. It was the first time we had spent anymore time than passing hellos and it was really nice. They are two older women who are both well-educated, well-traveled and musicians. It was great hearing their stories and getting to know them a bit more. They seriously live very close to us and yet they have much more wildlife on their property. Just recently they have seen a bobcat and coyote. They also seen birds that we rarely see and vice versa. It is so crazy that living so close by, we see such different wildilfe. But, I also know now that those animals are very nearby….likely on both sides of our house. Crazy. And exciting.

Here are two pictures of me and my girl from Sunday. I am SO lucky to be her mama.




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