I just came in from planting zinnia seeds in the garden. It will be so exciting to come home in July and see the beautiful flowers. (In all honesty, I can’t remember when they are full and in bloom–but it can’t be long after we return…)

We also had spinach and strawberry salad from the garden tonight. It was our first garden meal this spring and it did not disappoint. Our strawberries are going to be plentiful this year. So, if you happen to live just a few miles up the road, you may want to visit fairly often over the next weeks. (hint hint) And may I recommend you eat them with your spinach. I think you’ll be happy. Unfortunately you really have to stay on top of the picking b/c the bugs like them, too.

After these warm, rainy weeks everything is so lush and beautiful. There are so many flowers that will bloom while we are gone and we’ll unfortunately miss them all together. I haven’t had much garden energy this year…but it is still nice to see the hardwork we put in during our first two summers here paying off. It really feels like the perennial beds are coming together.


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