Day 2

A little work….


Then a little play…






(Don’t you just love the mismatched ensemble?)

We got a bit more moved in today. Both Lya and Nick are fully unpacked. Me? Not so much, but maybe tomorrow. (I got Lya unpacked first naturally.)I am trying to work out what my best camera/computer set up is going to be. Over the last few weeks at home I’ve been mostly working on the desktop with an external drive so as not to bog down the laptop. I brought the external drive and the laptop and just havne’t figured out what set up will make this all feel “easy.”  Ha. Not likely but maybe managable? Blogging, email, etc. all happen on another computer by dial-up or on Nick’s phone. Again neither of which is really “easy” and neither tend to make me want to type much. I may need to take weekly coffee shop breaks to catch up with you all. And just enjoy the extended offline time.  So we’ll see how this goes. I’m really going to try to post daily b/c I think it will be nice to have Lya’s first summer at the bay documented. Maybe after a week or so I’ll find my rhythm.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. I think it would be awesome for her to have the documentation to look back on… you can always document “offline” and then upload everything once a week? Just a thought!

    And I love her ensemble!

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