Today was fairly uneventful. We definitely had some digging-in-the-sand and splashing-in-the-water time. It was a beautiful calm day and so while I still thought the water was too cold…at least the sun was warm and there was not much of a breeze. As I stood there watching Lya stand and splash in the water soaking the second pair of pants today, I thought this is going to be so much more fun in a few weeks when its HOT and we’re in bathingsuits instead of long pants and sleeves.

This morning Lya had her first bowl of cereal (w/ milk & a spoon). Or rather her first FOUR bowls of cereal. She loved it and just kept asking for more. While she managed to successfully use the spoon, ultimately she decided it was just too much work.

Breakfast is always one of my favorite times with Lya. I usually get to have my coffee, check email or blogs and wake up slowly while she does the same with her breakfast (sans coffee or blogs). She’s not usually a big breakfast eater though…just slow. A few weeks ago when her molars were arriving with a vengence she let go (w/ screaming and tears) of our peaceful breakfast routine for a week. I was so sad that the “stage” was over. Oh how happy I was when it returned and our mornings were peaceful again. Maybe now she’ll also eat a bit more.



As we were getting ready for bed tonight I saw a faint rash on Lya’s belly and back. We haven’t dealt with any rashes yet and I’m really hoping it is nothing. I can’t think what could be causing it but of course it has me worried.

So far we are 3/3 in amazing sunsets. They have been beautiful ever since we arrived on Sunday. I took a few more pictures tonight. This is what we see from the front windows in the cottage and it is just so hard to not get pulled into the spectacular colors.  And without fail, I find myself pulled to peak out the windows over the hour or so it happens, even when I’ve just returned from watching in the grove. And just when I think it cannot become anymore beautiful, it does. Which is why pictures do not do it justice at all. But I took a few more anyway. The first is just as the sun dropped and the second is about 40 minutes later as the lights started to pop up on the shore across the bay.




4 thoughts on “Day3

  1. Wow, those sunsets are spectacular!
    So glad you guys are having fun… still hoping we can hang out in a couple of weeks…

  2. Keep and eye on that rash — chicken pox usually starts as a rash on the tummy and back.

    Otherwise, everything sounds so relaxing and peaceful for you all. Enjoy!

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