This morning started early. Lya took about an hour out of her sleep to play from 4-5am. Why? I was sure that once she finally fell asleep we’d all get to sleep in a bit longer than usual. No such luck. She was up at her usual time (7:30 this week).  Nonetheless, we had a really nice day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was comfortably in the 70s. I wish I had been more awake to fully appreciate it. Afterall, with the rain of the last several weeks I’ve been eagerly awaiting this kind of weather.

This afternoon we visited a nearby state park. We hiked out to a light house, dropped a blanket and hung out a bit before hiking back. It was beautiful. I look forward to exploring some of the other trails over the next weeks.


As for the rash, it was gone this morning. And hopefully it won’t be back!


2 thoughts on “Day4

  1. Wonderful to find your postings this morning. . . . and wonderful to know you all are there. we’ll be home soon. wonderful here too : ) grandma

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