Today Lya went swimming in the bay for the first time. I took a few pics while we waited for Nick to finish up his project and join us. They two of them were suited up for swimming. It just wasn’t hot enough for me to feel the need to wear a swimsuit yet. Of course the camera died just as the two of them went into the water and started with the splashing and laughing. I even ran up to the cottage for the other camera and found that Nick had locked it on his way down. So, I decided that this was just one of those memories to be enjoyed out from behind the camera and I ran back down so I wouldn’t miss anymore of the fun.




*I’d put them on….she’d take them off.*


*The seaweed didn’t seem to bother her as much as it has been known to bother me. Which is good b/c there was a lot of it on the beach today. I always have to remind myself that it means that the bay is healthy….*


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