We were with my extended family for a few days and now we’re with Nick’s for the next three. Tomorrow we’re all headed to the cabin which is sure to be a fun time.

Here is one of the pictures I took of Jason & Sonia. I haven’t worked with any of them very much so far. (And I’m not sure I’m done with this one yet….) It was fun to shoot their engagement pics this weekend and to get a feel of what shooting them on their wedding day will be like. I’m already know of several technical things I want to work on and several subject specific details that I want to remember for the wedding as well.


And on an unrelated note, this is a special week for us. It was the week we first learned about Lya and saw her face for the first time. Wednesday it will be exactly a year and we’ll actually find ourselves in the same obsure situation of driving between my family cottage and Nick’s family cabin on that day once again…something that has only happened twice. I plan to post some about that experience on Wednesday.


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