One year ago… (Day11)

Looking back to May 27, 2008….

On Tuesday morning last year, we were at my family’s bay cottage. That morning I was feeling emotional as we packed up and prepared to be out of cell/internet range for the remainder of the week. We were waiting for new information on our adoption any day and being “out of touch” was a bit daunting. We called our program coordinator before leaving and she told us that she didn’t expect to have any information for the next few days. We gave her the land-line number at Nick’s cabin and she told us to go, enjoy ourselves and relax. And that if she needed to, she knew how to reach us. So, we left mid-morning and started the 4.5 hour drive to Nick’s family cabin.

About halfway into our drive, we passed through an area that offered some cell service and our phone indicated that Nick’s dad had called. As we listened to the message, we learned that Trudy (our coodinator) had already called the cabin and wanted us to give her a call. With such a touch-and-go signal, we immediately pulled over and called her back.

Trudy told us that she had information for us on a little girl and gave us a few details by phone and sent the full set of info to my email account. At this point we thought we’d have to wait to see the medical information and picture. However, since we couldn’t wait and the laptop was with us, we began pulling over at EVERY possible place that would allow us to use their internet connection. We spent nearly 30 minutes trying to get a connection at a nearby Chamber of Commerse, we tried to connect from the parking lot next to hotels, etc. Finally we found ourselves at a grocery store that also had a cafe and a wireless signal. We sat together in the front of our car, in the pouring rain, as Lya’s picture appeared before us for the first time. Magical.

While we were there we also reviewed the medical information and emailed an adoption medical expert with the information and a request to schedule a phone conference for the following Friday when we’d be  on our own again and able to both be on seperate phones for the call. And as we drove away from the grocery store, we thought this would be the last time we’d be learn anything more until we left the cabin on Friday.

We were giddy. Shocked. We had always heard that the call  often comes when you least expect it and we definitely were not expecting to receive the call when we did. I called my mom from the road and shared the news, and we talked about whether or not we’d tell Nick’s whole family while we were together.  We decided we would since it was unlikely we’d all be together again for another 6 months or more.

When we arrived at the cabin we didn’t wait very long before sharing the news and accounting for our later-than-expected arrival. Everyone was thrilled and we also learned that a neighbor up the road had a dial-up internet connection. Later that afternoon, Nick’s sister and I road bike up and I was able to get into my email and recieve a reply from the adoption specialist. So glad that I did because we learned that if he was to conference with us it needed to happen Wednesday afternoon b/c he was leaving Thursday for a vacation. I sent an email in return with the cabin number and suggested 4pm the following afternoon.

Needless to say, I was distracted while we were at the cabin. Nick was focused on enjoying time with his siblings whom he doesn’t see often and ALL I could think about was this little baby. I looked at her picture nearly every hour. I actually took pictures of the pictures using my view finder camera. Everything felt right. It was such a new and peaceful feeling.

The following afternoon we cleared everyone out the cabin and waited for the call. Nick and I used a single wall mount (corded) telephone for this super important conference. Once the call came we sat as close as we could on the couch and each pressed one ear to the receiver. The doctor had very few concerns and after talking for 15-20 minutes the call was over. (We had talked with him previously about  medical risks in adoption and so many non-specific things were discussed in our first call.) After hanging up, we called our coordinator and told her we wanted to proceed with the adoption. Our agency requires this step to be taken with a formal signature, however, given our technology-deprived location, we were able to give a verbal confirmation and follow it up three days later with a written one.

I don’t remember much from the vacation after that. I was just giddy and wanted to celebrate even though we still have several other steps to pass first. Even though Trudy had told us that they were able to accept our verbal given the circumstances, I was still very eager to get somewhere, print & sign the document and fax it back.  

The following weekend we were with my family and shared our news with them as well. We then waited to share the news with everyone else until we had the formal government paperwork offering us a referral. So we waited. And waited and waited and waited. We did not recieve our referral until July 3rd. It was a LONG 5 weeks and it was agonizing to not share the excitement and anticipation with others. I was nervous that maybe something was wrong and we shouldn’t be excited yet. But, it did come and on July 3rd we announced it to everyone else.

Yesterday we drove back from Nick’s family mountain cabin to my family bay cottage and it was fun to reminisce again about the different steps of learning that happen along that road. On Monday, while headed to the cabin, we stopped and took a picture of Lya w/ the framed referral photo in front of the grocery store. None really turned out how I had hoped, but since she was sleeping yesterday as we passed the exit, we did not stop for again. We took a picture during a stop at my parent’s house though. So, this is what we have…

One year later…



6 thoughts on “One year ago… (Day11)

  1. I remember you relaying this story to me. I can’t believe it’s been a year! Congratulations. You are such a lovely little family 🙂

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