I am getting to this a bit earlier today b/c we’re once again packing up for the weekend. When we return on Sunday it will be nice to know that we’re staying put for a while. And it was very nice to have these two low-key days. We’re also really looking forward to seeing some friends this weekend.

Lya seems to be doing a lot of new things this week. I decided to do a Friday’s Five and share some of the fun.

1. As of this morning Lya says “Uh-Oh. What?” instead of her standard (and over-used) “Uh-Oh”. We’ve been rolling all day with laughter. Its just too cute.  Of course she picked that one up from me. I end up saying it about half of the times I hear “uh-oh” b/c it isn’t always obvious why she is saying it.


2. This week Lya learned to snap (both hands, at the same time) along to the music. It is adorable watching her manipulate her little fingers and dance.


3. This afternoon after smelling the need for a diaper change, I was surprised to see Lya get my attention and go lay down on the changing pad. This has never happened before. Its funny what you find exciting as a first time parent.


4. We’ve got a climber. Nothing crazy, I know. Some kids show up climbing, but Lya hasn’t really ever been interested. However, this week she’s been working on climbing stairs using a railing, climbing in and out of boxes and my favorite, working herself halfway up the bunk-bed ladder at the cabin while I was in the other room. Yikes! It is fun to watch her explore though….


5. Mama. Mama Mama Mama. Okay, this one started last week. But it is soo cute. She has been able to say it (in relation to me) for months but something clicked last week and now its “Mama!” all of the time. Such a sweet sound.


Have a great weekend, y’all!


5 thoughts on “Day13

  1. You’d be surprised how much everything is still exciting with a second little one! Especially signs that diapers are not foreveer….

    And be grateful you don’t have a real climber; my boy is a daily heart attack. Today’s fun included scaling a book case (yes, bolted to the wall, but still!) and climbing up to the top of Maggie’s bunk bed. Her bunks don’t have a ladder; he can still manage. Gulp.

    I love that last photo — you really caught her expression there. Kisses to her from Mickey.

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