Two days of rain and fog. We mostly stayed inside… Which was fine because I’m ridiculously tired by too many consequetive nights of poor sleep.  Lya’s been waking up between 11-12 (roughly) and refusing to go back to sleep in her bed, ultimately joining us in ours. Last night we tried for two hours to get her back to sleep in the Pack-n-play with no success.  We’re going to try a few new things and see what happens. I just want some good sleep…. which is hard to come by while a toddler tosses and turns next to you and offers a sharp kick from time to time.


2 thoughts on “Day20

  1. Oh no!! I know how painful that whole *not sleeping* thing can be for _everyone_. Here’s hoping it turns around soon!

    (Feel free to email me if you need someone to commiserate with!)

  2. How is it that children suddenly grow 18 extra elbow and 24 more knees somewhere around 3am?

    Quick survival tip: tonight, you deal with Lya all by yourself while Nick sleeps. Tomorrow, he returns the favor. And take naps when she does. It isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t solve Lya’s sleep issues, but you’ll both feel better — and parent better– for it.

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