Days 21, 22 & 23

Okay, I’m pathetically behind. Oh well, but I figured it was still maybe worth coming back and trying to catch back up. I thought I’d put a few days together and then start individually again with Tuesday. I will also have to come back and add pictures later…but that is doable

Sat (Jun 6)

The rain finally cleared and we were able to have some time with Jess, Chad & the girls down at the beach before they took off for the day. However, because it was the first dry day in a while, it meant that Nick was needed to work on the cottage and prepare for a Monday morning footer inspection. The best part of Saturday was that they raked the beach. My word, did that help make it a more enjoyable space. My dad also come down to help Nick out and spend the night with us.


Sunday (Jun 7)

Jess, Chad, Esme & Eleni returned late Saturday night and so we joined them for strawberry pancakes and coffee on Sunday morning. After that it was to the beach! It was our first “day on the beach” since we arrived. It was warm, sunny, clean :), and nice to be out. We enjoyed mohitos while the girls played. We took a break over lunch and returned again later. Lya loves the water. It is so great to see her splashing and laughing and thoroughly enjoying the fun. She also got her first boat ride on Sunday. I stayed back because I was exhausted and needed some down time. Lya still hasn’t been sleeping great and my energy was shot. I just don’t pull off tired well. It makes me weepy, irritable and physically sick… it is pretty pathetic. At this point it had been five days of having rough middle of the night episodes which brought Lya into our bed. I hadn’t slept well any of them. 


Mon (Jun 8 )

Monday was a really low-key day for me and Lya. My brother, Andy, & his friend/business partner, Linford, arrived early to help Nick with the deck. It was fun having them around and we mainly watched, read books, played quietly throughout the day. My mom arrived late afternoon and we made a big dinner and got some laundry done.  I am not sure if I blogged about this or not, but we drove Nick’s truck up for these 7 weeks. Which has meant that I’ve been more or less carless. However, my parents have been gracious enough to let me use theirs when its available. They had it last week and so Mom brought it down Monday evening with the plan to bring Lya and I back home to their place on Tuesday. Worked out pretty well for all of us.

I’ve been terrible about pictures this week. I’m realizing that it is really just me being tired and hopefully as I get more sleep…I’ll start taking some pictures again. There is one spot in the local state park that I’ve got my eye on. Hopefully I can make use of it soon.


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