Day 24

Nick was building two decks onto the cabin this week with the help of my brother and another friend and so it really did not make sense for Lya and I to stick around just to be in the way. So, Tuesday morning we drove to my parent’s house. On the way we stopped and had brunch with my aunt and cousin, along with her husband and baby, whom I had not yet met. I haven’t seen her in years. (Possibly not even the last decade…) but our mothers have really been excited to get us together as adults since we seemingly have a lot in common. It was really nice to catch up, albeit briefly, and wonderful to be able to meet her husband and sweet baby Chisom.

Late afternoon we were back at my parent’s with plans to meet up with an old neighbor from Pittsburgh at the park. Last minute plans changed and we went to her house instead. I haven’t seen Rachel, Peter or the boys in a really long time. So long in fact that their five year old was just over a year old and their almost-2 year old wasn’t even a thought yet. We had connected again through our blogs sometime last year and as a doctor, Rachel was helpful to us more than one occassion during our adoption. They live in a beautiful renovated city home in a great semi-community set up. The place is just amazing and I really hope Nick can see it sometime. It looks like the ideal city set-up and I know he’d love it. It was really nice to catch up in person again.

Tuesday night was my first night alone with Lya. Somehow in 8 mths I had never had to parent alone overnight…and when the time finally came, it of course came in the middle of a rough sleeping spell. I was really dreading it. And to add to that, halfway there I realized I had forgotten (a) the monitors, (b) her sound machine, & (c) her favorite blanky. Seriously. As we drove away from the cottage I actually said aloud, “I don’t think I’m forgetting anything…I have my wallet, my phone, my baby, the diapers and bottles….I can’t think of anything else I absolutely need….” Ha. In the end I used a static station on the radio and my Mom gave her a silk scarf that she got in Ethiopia last year.  However–and surprise, surprise–it wasn’t quite as bad as I had expected. We did have a rough start–3 hours of work to get her asleep–but once she was sleeping for good, we slept all night…in seperate beds. It was the best night in over a week.


One thought on “Day 24

  1. Good for you both!! Give Lya some kisses from us and shout when you finally come home — and despite all the fun, you’d better!

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