Day 25

Wednesday morning Lya and I visited an old high school/VN adoption blog friend. We went to school together my senior year of high school and hadn’t seen one another since. We reconnected during our adoption process. They brought their son home around the same time we started the journey.

Jena immediately made me feel comfortable, which was awesome. Admittedly, being shy, I was a bit nervous…I mean afterall (and sorry if this includes anyone who is reading…) but I tend to avoid running into people from my past. It was great catching up on some of the life stuff that has happened in the last 13+ years and also connecting on the current stuff as well. Her kids are super sweet and I felt much more at home that I could have ever expected. Thanks so much for having us over! And we really do need to work on pulling together a gathering of VN adoptive families sometime!

Wednesday afternoon was pretty low-key. Lya tried to nap…but it was pretty unsucessful. So, instead we put on a bathingsuit and went to play in my parent’s garden fountain instead. Nothing like splashing in water to lighten the mood. Wednesday night started out pretty well. Easy to bed, easy enough back to sleep…but we were up from 4-4:45 am before I finally just pulled her into bed with me. Luckily with all the extra room Nick’s absence allowed, we both slept in comfortably until 8am. Heaven.



Can’t you just feel the sleepiness??



These two have become fast friends.



2 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. Wonderful pictures… that last one is too sweet! We have way too many “sleepy face” photos here as well… at least it will be proof when he is a teenager of all the “torture” he put me through. Hope the napping works itself out!

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