Day 26

Thursday morning Lya and I met up with some life-long friends. Our parents have been good friends since college…vacationing together, along with a third couple, every summer for the last 30 years. Anyway, we’ve known each other since we were little and there are bathtub pictures to prove it.  Janelle also lived in Pittsburgh a few years back and we got to know one another better during that time. Both Janelle and Marlisa have been wonderfully supportive of our adoption and so it was a lot of fun to meet up with them and their girls…who by the way, have some of the best names. 🙂 Nick and I had been at Janelle  & Ryan’s for dinner a week ago and so Lya was pretty immediately comfortable. She was laying on the kitchen floor within no time…flaunting her sleepiness. (It has been catching up with us all.) The girls were all so sweet with her. And while we tried to take a cute picture of the three older girls together, Lya pulled her regular group-pic move and screamed miserably. So, we’ve got the picture….but it isn’t so cute.  Someday maybe I’ll put together a compliation of Lya-screaming-for-group-pics photos for a post. It was great seeing you all and I promise I’ll someday post a video for Stella again.

Thursday afternoon we tried again for a nap….unsucessfully. So, this time we just packed up and drove back down to the bay. It was excited to drive up to the cottage and to see the new decks. Already they’ve changed how we use the space. I love it. Unfortunately, the railing won’t be up for another week or so…which means I’ve got to be on my toes chasing my girl until its up.


2 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. It was great to see both of you too! We’ve been on here a lot since Thursday so that Stella can giggle and gaze longingly at pictures of “Eeee-ya”!
    Bummed that we didn’t get any cute pics, but next time we’ll throw them all in the tub and hope they are as cooperative as we always were!

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