Day 27

Friday was a really nice low-key day. Nick wasn’t feeling very well, but it offered us a slow paced day together which was nice. Lya’s sleep has been improving again over the last few days, in that we have been able to get her back to sleep in her own bed instead of pulling her into ours at night. However, the interrupted night sleep and the scewed day schedule these last few days has left us with a sleepy girl during the day. And so naps just sort of happen…and never when or where we have planned. Here are pictures of the two naps we got yesterday:nap1


For both, she started out falling asleep on my back and then I eased her down onto a bed. For the first nap, she fell asleep while Nick and I walked the beach. The second one was a bit funnier to me. It was about 5pm and I just wanted her to stop fussing while we waited for dinner to be ready. So, I put her on my back, turned on some Jack Johnson and danced, while reading my book. She was out in about five minutes.

With just a few nights of half-decent sleep I can say that I’ve built up a small reserve again. The world is no longer falling apart.  Nick isn’t killing me with his stubbornness (or my perception of…). I can still feel rested, happy and satisfied in this lifetime. Ahh. What a little sleep can do.

One funny bit though about helping Lya get back to sleep. Nick and Lya have struck some kind of understanding/balance in their routine in which he does not actually get her out of bed, but instead rubs her back and sings to her while she stands until she decides to lay down. So, I tried it myself the other night. Apparently this is THEIR thing…not mine. She kept peeling my eyelids open with her little fingers and was having nothing of this method for me!


3 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. Beautiful masthead!

    Glad to hear that at least *some* sleep is coming your way! When we were in the deepest part of our sleep issues, my guy would fall asleep in the carrier as well, but as soon as it hit the bed, he hit the fan. Glad to see you have better luck!

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