Day 30

Our friend, Matt, was with us last night and today. He’s in from Arizona for the annual boy’s weekend that Nick and friends do each year. It’s this coming weekend but lucky us, he came a bit early and had time to see me and Lya, as well. And go sailing. And see some other friends. We were happy to fit into his visit. We’re hoping to possibly visit him in Tuscon this December. Maybe add on a trip to Mexico and rent a little beach house with him and his girlfriend. It could be lovely…and I may just dream about it until we make sure its going to happen. With Nick on an academic calendar, it really frees us up to think in bigger chunks of time again.

This morning we tried a new local trail that we had not hiked before. Where we got on, the trail was next to (assumably) some private property and they really wanted us to stay on the trail. So they posted a sign. Which we found quite funny.


It was great seeing Matt. Hopefully if we do make this December trip happen, we’ll get a few better pictures then. Lya took the opportunity to sleep…which is happening whenever she’s in the pack, ergo, mai tai or car these days.



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