Day 31


I am in love with the light that pours through the front door into the cottage. I am going to specifically miss this light come July. Today I was playing with some new camera settings and trying to get to know my camera and what it can do just a bit better. And oh, is there still MUCH to learn. I ordered a flash and diffuser this weekend and I can’t say that I’m thrilled to figure that all out again because it has been ages since I’ve used an external flash and I don’t feel like I ever became competent the first time I learned it. I have about six weeks to know it well. I’m hoping for some great tutorials. (So if you know of any, drop me a link!)

In the midst of shooting today I suddenly found a piece of dust IN my lens. One moment it wasn’t there, and the next it was. Not on the lens. Not between the camera and lens. But INSIDE the lens. How does that happen? How could it get there? I have no clue what to do to get rid of it. Do I need to take it to a dealer and have it cleaned? Surely this happens to people and there is a simple solution, right? Right!? (sigh)

Back to the picture. Certainly not the funniest or cutest I shot today. But it does demonstrate that we’re finally getting enough hair to use barrettes and there is just no way Lya will let one in. She laughs hysterically when I put one in only to pull it out within the second. It’s a game. One she loves. And today it is what we did that allowed me to keep playing with the camera. There are plenty of “Please! No more, Mama!” shots…but we’ll just keep those for another day.


2 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. Take it to the shop! Even one spec, when lodged in the wrong place, can ruin the lens. Trust me. 😦

    And, I am incredibly jealous of your light! I noticed it in the series of Lya\’s \”many faces\” … oh, I want light like that!!

    The last time I played with an external flash, there were no digital cameras… so I don\’t know if I would be any help! 😉

    I\’m thinking about renting some lenses next month to \”play.\”

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