Days 37 & 38

These days are numbering dangerously close to fifty. I cannot believe that we have less than two weeks before we’ll be home again. It has been wonderful being here…being on the water, being near family and friends, enjoying a smaller and simpler life for a while.

Just in the last day or so I’ve begun to feel what will also be good about being home again. It will be nice to reconnect with friends. It will be nice to have a fast internet connection for those times that I have something I need to do instead of just reading/writing emails or blogs.  It will be nice to have the perks of permanency…a library card, all of our things, summer veggies from the garden, etc.

The last two days have been quiet. The summer heat is finally showing its face. My voice is slowly returning. We’ve settled into the final days of our time here. Okay, we have about a week and a half left, but as we look at our schedule and plan how we’ll spend the next 10ish days, we recognize that  the remaining days will go as quickly as the first. We’re both letting go of seeing people we had really hoped to see, which is sad. I think we both had expected to spend more time at home (our parents’ homes) and having more time to connect with friends we see too infrequently.

As we anticipated these weeks on the bay I had envisioned us enjoying a peaceful glass of wine and watching the sunset each evening after putting Lya to sleep,  exhausted from the warmth of the sun, and working/playing hard. Oh, we’ve been tired…..that part played out. But, this was the first evening that Nick and enjoyed a glass of wine over a sunset. It was lovely, and I hope we can fit a few more in before we leave. Here is a picture from tonight.



4 thoughts on “Days 37 & 38

  1. wow, Becky I feel so priveleged that we got to see you and meet Lya. I hope you get 10 more glasses of evening wine in!

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