Day 39, Post 100, 9mths home!

We spent the day in Lancaster. There were several errands I was hoping to run before we headed south again and Nick was working on getting some building materials. Most importantly I made it to a local fabric shop and a camera repair shop.

It was simply wonderful to be in a real (aka not walmart or small specialty store) fabric store. There were SO MANY possibilities. I didn’t have a single project (or need) in mind when we went to the Old Country Store and I could hardly focus on any single beautiful fabric to generate any projects. However, I did make a small purchase and I did leave with a great idea…although no supporting fabrics.

They make Eric Carle fabric. Did you know? I bought these two pieces and plan to do something with them. (I think they look better in person.) Any ideas? We’ve been reading his Brown Bear Brown Bear book lately so it seemed appropriate.

As for the other idea. Thanks to my aunt Marilyn, I have a large stash of hand spun scraps. Yesterday at the shop I saw some examples of how they can be used with a rag (frayed seams/edge) finish which was pretty fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with those scraps.  

I also dropped my camera and lens off at a repair place and was thrilled at how helpful they were and what needs (or doesn’t need) to be done. I should get it back in a few days but for now we’ll be pictureless. Unless of course I pull out the rebel or point and shoot. He also helped me understand the issues I was having with my rebel and I think I’ll be able to get around those to continue using it as a back-up camera. 

For whatever (ridiculous) reason, I was slightly nervous/intimidated about taking the lens in to be looked at. I think I was mostly unsure of whether or not I’d be able to explain the issues with the lens (which was obvious and didn’t need explanation) or the rebel without sounding like an idiot or not being able to get my full explanation out before the person was done talking to me. Again, ridiculous. As I told Nick, I was so pleased to see that our conversation styles danced well together and as long as the cleaning (it was the camera sensor, not the lens) goes well and everything is back to normal, I may just have found a repair shop that I’ll return to regardless of the distance. Afterall, they have mail-in services and where I live, I have nothing.

So, today we’ve been a family for 9 months. Its amazing how quickly the 24th sneaks up time and time again. 9 months always sounds like a significant amount of time to me…..the length of a pregnancy, the length of a school year….and now the amount of time I’ve been a mama. Lya was simply amazing yesterday during our busy day trip. She made being a mama feel like a breeze and a dream. I think her Nana would say the same thing.

Which brings me to post 100. On the my last blog I did a give away with my 100th post. But since I have nothing with me to give away….we’ll just have to leave that to a later time…maybe the 150th.


3 thoughts on “Day 39, Post 100, 9mths home!

  1. That is awesome fabric!! Hmmm… what to do, what to do?!

    I’m also excited you found a repair shop! I’ve got a great resource for my cameras as well, so I know how valuable that is!

    Happy 9 months (whoot!) and 100th post! YAY!!

    (Funny, I was thinking about doing a giveaway in celebration of the zzzzz’s…)

  2. happy 9 months! Sorry so late- just catching up.
    Enjoy the last week of your trip!


    that fabric is awesome! A smock for Lya maybe?

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