Day 40

We had planned to be in Philly tonight. Last night we were already suspecting it wasn’t the wisest decision. By morning (several restless hours later) we knew we’d need to postpone the trip. Nick was with Lya overnight and since she had some sleep issues….so did he. I just could not stop coughing. Oh my word. I hate that feeling. Come morning we were tired and the idea of packing our semi-sick, sleepy selves up and heading somewhere else overnight sounded like torture. So, we stayed here with hopes of a better night. Hopefully we can visit my brother, sister-in-law & nephew next week. And if we’re lucky we’ll get to see a few other people as well.

We had a few firsts around here today. I haven’t done a very good job documenting all of Lya’s firsts lately…but today was one of those days where there were so many I knew I needed to write them down.

-First walk on the beach….we’ve walked the beach many times each day, but this was the first time that Lya walked it herself. Every other time I’ve tried, she’s gotten distracted and we walk about 6 feet before the walk is over. Today the three of enjoyed a leisurely walk the whole way down the beach.    

-First popcicle. She’s tried one before, but this time she enjoyed the entire thing. Admittedly, its was the homemade variety and was really only a bit of applejuice watered down and frozen. 🙂

-Stacked 7 blocks using the new cedar block set Nick made her.

-Repied “What?” two separate times today when I said her name.

-Brought me the mai tai carrier and proceeded to try to put it on herself when I was moving quickly enough.

Two other funny things from the last few days…

For whatever reason the smoke alarm often goes off just after the toast (unburnt) pops up in the toaster. (But not if there is any actual smoke…) A few days ago this happened and now Lya will stop a few times a day under the smoke detector and point at it saying, “beep beep beep beep beep beep”.

Lya hates flies or any bugs really, but flies really drive her nuts. Tonight while she was eating dinner, I was cleaning up around the cottage instead of sitting with her. (We had decided to grill and eat after she went to bed tonight.)  Whenever a fly would land near her she’d start fussing until I’d come and see what was going on. She’d then point at it and say, “dat.” I’d shoo it away, she’d check out the situation and go back to eating. It could be on the back of her chair, the other end of the table, or wherever. If it landed somewhere she could see, she could not continue eating until it was gone. I love this little quirk….made me smile every time.


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