Day 42

My parents came down Friday overnight and brought with them my camera & lens along with a long-awaited package that contained the flash I had ordered. Admittedly, I was long-awaiting the book that also came in the package that …but it arrived non-the-less and I think I’ll be happy with the flash. Although maybe I should get to know it well and actually use it before making that statement.

Saturday we went on our first boat ride for the year. My dad and Nick drove over to my uncle’s and got his small boat. They then came back by water to pick up my mom, Lya & me. We took the boat up to the top of the bay and had dinner along the other side. It was wonderful being out on the water, even though it was choppy. Lya sat very still for the first 3/4 of the ride to dinner. Near the end she started to relax and enjoyed pointing out each and every bird. Soon she started to wiggle and was trying to leave my arms to walk up to my mom and Nick. This was a very small boat and it was hard to hold onto to my wiggler because of the life jacket she was wearing.  On the way back she insisted on standing between me and my mom for a lot of the ride and it just freaked me out. She was safe…but I wish she had just wanted to sit peaceful within the confines of my arms. Or my mom’s….I wasn’t picky. I suppose if she was going to fight me, it was safer for her to stand still between us than it was for her to wiggle around on my lap (by the edge of the boat).

Nick and I are both feeling better–although not 100%. My mom was sick at the end of this week and was losing her voice as well. It sounded a bit better today when I talked with her. Thankfully Lya has not shown any symptoms yet. And doubly wonderful, she slept all night last night (the first in almost 10 days again) which allowed us to get some good rest as well. Who knows what the next seven will hold, but for now I’m just trying to be thankful for the uninterrupted sleep we got last night.


One thought on “Day 42

  1. Yay for sleeping through the night!! 🙂

    The boat ride sounds just about perfect, with the exception of a wiggly toddler, those things make me nervous!

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