Day 44

On Monday, the bottom of the cottage was sprayed with foam insulation. For whatever reason, Nick and I hadn’t put much thought into the fact that we wouldn’t want Lya to be here during the installation because of the fumes. So yesterday morning, last minute, we jumped in the car and headed for a nearby mall. This is the same mall that I used to go to when I was a kid and just to make sure I remembered the connection, they had some great 80s music playing as I walked through the doors.

It was crazy how giddy I felt. I was thrilled at all of the stores and options. And since I was actually there before any of them opened, I walked in circles, reading the sales signs and dreaming of all of the amazing things I would find once the gates opened. I live in the middle of nowhere….or so it seems.

Once we finally got around to shopping, I didn’t find much. I was wearing Lya in the ergo and it would have had to be an amazing article of clothing at a spectacular price to make me go through the hassle of taking Lya off, getting her settled, trying on the clothing, getting redressed and all strapped back together. However, I did find my favorite hand cream, as well as a few other gifts at The B0dy Sh0p. I also found a fun sun hat and ball for Lya. Not to mention the dozen or so pictures I took with my phone in P0ttery Barn K*ds. I think that place could have fulfilled all of my childhood play. I finally settled on just taking pictures of the things that I think I can probably make for Lya myself.

In addition to shopping, we found ourselves sitting in a photo booth getting strips of pictures…twice. I’m now trying to talk Nick into maybe making a special trip to do with all three of us. So far he hasn’t agreed.

The only thing that I was shocked to discover was that this mall had no bookstore. And even the H*llmark store didn’t sell any books or magazines. (Maybe they don’t ever….) I knew that Lya would fall asleep in the car and then I’d be waiting in the car for her to wake up, so I had decided to find a book and settle in but there was not a sing book to be found. Crazy. Seriously weird.

The rest of the day ended up being pretty uneventful…and once again, not a picture taken. Since I had nothing to read, I drove around checking out some of the nearby towns. I wish I had done this earlier…I have a list of places I’d love to spend more time at if we just had more time. Maybe next year.


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